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PyQt6 Book 2024

Quickly learn to create professional
desktop apps for Windows, Mac and Linux.

A fantastic resource, especially if you are just starting out.
But also practitioners will benefit from Michael's
extensive experience. I think you will enjoy it!

The story behind this book

Back in 2016, I started working on a file manager called fman. It's a desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux. You use it as an alternative to Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac to browse folders, copy files, etc. fman is quite popular and has been installed by tens of thousands of people.

Python, Qt, JavaScript and Electron logos

fman is based on Python and Qt. I chose this combination over Electron because Qt offers great performance and Python makes it easy to use.

Python, Qt, JavaScript and Electron logos

One of the hard parts of creating fman was packaging and deployment: Turning its source code into a standalone executable. Creating installers for Windows, Mac and Linux. And automatic updates.

To help others with this, I open sourced fman's build system. It saves you months of time when creating desktop applications with Python and Qt.

fbs Windows installer

fbs is very popular. It has thousands of stars on GitHub. It was featured on the Qt blog, as well as in an official Qt webinar I was invited to give.

To promote fbs, I wrote a tutorial about PyQt. This really took off. It's now read by many hundreds of people every single day. Maybe also you found this site through the tutorial!

PyQt5 tutorial visitors
Michael Herrmann thinking

But that got me thinking: If so many people are interested in a PyQt tutorial, doesn't this mean that there is demand for a book about it?

I researched which PyQt books are available. And I realized that they were all either outdated, or not very good. I felt that I could write a better one.

Michael Herrmann thinking

So I sat down for 150 hours and wrote this book. Phil Thompson, the creator of PyQt, says it's "very good". He even agreed to write the foreword.

The book is the resource I wish I had had when I began working on fman years ago. It would have been a fantastic investment of both my time and money for jumpstarting fman's development.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

I want you too to be happy with this book. So let me finally say this: If you feel the book was not a good investment for any reason, email me at . I'll be happy to refund you.

Frequently asked questions

What do I receive upon purchase?
You'll get a DRM-free PDF with 102 pages. You'll also get the full source code for the 15 sample applications covered in the book. I made sure that you can go through everything in a few hours, while gaining years worth of experience.
Do I need to know Python?
No. If you know another object-oriented programming language, then you can pick up what's required by copy-pasting from the examples.
Can I get an invoice?
Absolutely. Just click on the Generate invoice link in the confirmation email.
Can I get a physical copy?
No, unfortunately there is currently no print version available.
I have another question.
No problem. Just email me at and I'll get back to you.