fman build system

fbs Pro

Unlock the full potential of your application.

The free version of fbs has some limitations. Upgrade to Pro to unleash its full potential. Upon purchase, you'll receive a hosted package that you can install just like fbs. No messing around with license keys. Just pip install and you are done.

  • Support for the latest versions of Python, PyQt, PySide and PyInstaller.
  • All features marked Pro in the Manual.
  • No GPL restrictions: Use fbs in commercial projects.

Frequently asked questions

What do I receive upon purchase?
You'll get a URL to a Python package that you can install with pip in seconds.
How often can I download the package?
Your download link for fbs Pro can be opened 30 times per month.
Can I make a backup copy?
Sure. Just don't share it with people outside your organisation.
Can I use one Pro license to package multiple products?
Yup, as long as your copy of Pro stays within your organisation.
What does "No GPL restrictions" mean?
When you use fbs, its GPL license normally requires you to also make your own code open source under the GPL. Buying Pro lifts this requirement. This is usually very important for commercial projects.
How do I get an invoice?
Click on the Generate invoice link in the confirmation email.
I have another question.
No problem. Just email me at and I'll get back to you.