fman build system


Hints for solving common problems that may arise when using fbs.

My frozen app won't start

In this scenario, fbs run works but running the binary obtained from fbs freeze gives an error. On Windows, the error is typically shown in a dialog:

'Failed to execute script main' dialog when running a PyQt / PySide app

Besides main, the error message may also mention fbs_pyinstaller_hook – see further below.

Failed to execute script main

To get more information in this case, run the following commands:

fbs clean
fbs freeze --debug

When you then start the standalone binary of your application from the command line, you should see a lot more debug output. If it contains an ImportError, see the section on Dependencies in fbs's Manual for a possible solution.

Failed to execute script fbs_pyinstaller_hook

This typically happens when your code does not create an ApplicationContext. This is required for fbs to work. Please see the tutorial for an example.